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1. Educate Employees Through "Gamified" Surveys

We use employee surveys as a communication tool to educate and promote important HR programs and employee benefit tools.  Your employees can also reach out to our HR contact center with any questions at any time during the survey. 

Please scroll down for Use Case - Boosting Benefit Tool Usage to see a practical example.

2. Integrate a Variety of Enterprise and External Data

Survey responses are blended with enterprise HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Insurance data as well as self-reported consumer data to help drive our deep analyses.  Consumer data helps clients better understand the "attitudinal" aspect of each member.

 We also offer standalone data staging services as well as standalone analytics and data discovery services. Tableau is our "go-to" data visualization tool.

3. Measure ROI & Save Money in a Transparent Manner

Our solution saves money in a transparent and recurring manner .  We're so confident in our methods we offer our platform on either a traditional fee-for-service, success or hybrid basis.   Our objective before and after reporting proves the savings.

The increased utilization of "X" or the decreased utilization of "Y" helps objectively quantify these savings.

Your Success starts with our 3-D (data) approach

Employee Survey Data

Our employee surveys are powered by Qualtrics, an award winning survey platform used by the majority of Fortune 400 companies and 99:100 business schools.  The power of the Qualtrics platform in conjunction with our skilled survey designers further ensures client success.  In addition to wide and deep research our surveys can also collect mobile numbers and email addresses since HR is often lacking this important information.

Enterprise Data

Good news!  You've got lots of HR, payroll, and benefits data.  The other news is the data needs to be transformed into a useable format and/or you don't have the IT resources available to answer management's questions.  Whether you've got Workday, Oracle, SAP, ADP or whatever we can bring your data to life!

External Data

External data comes in many flavors.  Traditional external data is available through insurance carriers (e.g. medical and Rx claims data) and TPAs (e.g. benefits enrollment and wellness data).  Newer data sources that are only now available include self-reported consumer data and even law enforcement data.  

These external data sources often provide valuable information which can be transformed into big savings.


Real-time Survey Results for Responders

We recognize survey responders want to see how their survey responses compare to their peers.  We also recognize that our clients may prefer to keep survey responses truly anonymous.  To that end, clients can opt to have responses anonymized.

Real-time Survey Dashboards for Management

We recognize that management needs answers and needs them at today's pace of business - fast!  To that end our management dashboards include  survey summary data.   One of our differentiators is we also include enterprise as well as external data.  Additional data sets provide more meaning to the survey responses.  Moreover, users can always drill down for a more granular view.  

Deep Analytics

While "real-time" survey summaries and management dashboards are cool and provide great information, they don't tell the whole story.  That's where our deep analytics comes in.  Our skilled team intensely studies the data, searches for root cause and converts these learnings into actionable insights. 


We build custom solutions to meet each client's exact needs.   Clients can "mix and match" desired services including:

1. Survey design and employee selection

2. Survey, enterprise and external data integration

3. Contact center support

4. Analytics

5. Data-driven communications

6. Continuous ROI monitoring

As HR data geeks we understand how leveraging the exact combination of HR, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance data can help the c-suite meets its financial and human capital objectives. Sample use cases include:

1. Boosting benefit tool utilization (see below)

2. Identifying ineligible health plan members (Dependent Eligibility Audits)

3. Identifying working spouses (Working Spouse Audits)

4. Identifying "at-risk" employees

 BTW, we're much more than HR, Payroll, Benefits and Insurance content experts.  One of our core competencies is data management of "people" and "healthcare."  To that end whether you're a provider, insurance carrier, TPA or any other player in the ecosystem there's a really good chance we can help you too!



To increase awareness and improve utlization of the wide range of health & welfare money saving tools available to plan participants.

Said another way, we are like an advertising agency for Benefits that promotes benefit tools except we use Pulse surveys  promote our content; "Pulse" surveys are comprised of 1 - 5 questions and take less than 3 minutes to complete.  Sample benefit tools include: telemedicine, pricing transparency, mail order pharmacy, on-site clinic, wellness and critical illness to name a few.


While we could jump right in and launch a few surveys our preference is to first understand the various benefit tools and how they're being used.  We then develop target utilization goals, select employee populations (or 100%), modify our surveys and figure out the timing for each benefit tool.

Once our Pulse survey campaign is launched, the next step is to identify and integrate enterprise data and external data.  The three data types are then staged for exciting data discoveries.

For clients that like the idea of gamification, survey responders (employees) can become eligible to win prizes based upon their participation.


Survey results are just the beginning!  Naturally, our survey results can be used to improve each respective benefit tool.  More importantly we expect the utilization of each benefits tool to increase since employees will have a greater awareness after taking the survey.   You may be thinking "sounds good on paper, what does this really mean?"  For starters, does increasing the usage of your telemedicine or pricing transparency tool by 5% or more get your attention?  Sample results follow.

An employer with 1,200 employees implemented a popular telemedicine program.  Not surprisingly, telemedicine utilization increased.  Given the $38 copay, the self-insured employer enjoyed gross savings of $712 for each avoided emergency room visit, $112 for each avoided urgent care/specialist visit and $62 for each avoided Primary Care Physician visit.  In total, this client saved over $125,000 through the use of telemedicine.

While $125,000 in gross savings (again, there were 1,200 employees) is substantial the expected savings would be even higher when the Big HR Data solution is implemented.  For example, a 10% improvement in telemedicine utlization would translate to additional annual savings of about $12,500 (.85 cents per employee per month).  Assuming this company operates on a 5% profit margin $12,500 of savings equates to about $250,000 in revenue!

Not only will the c-suite be happier, but your employees will be too due to better use of time and lower costs.


Launching a Pulse survey campaign is easier than you think.  To start, all we need is employee name, ID and email address.  If you're missing emails, no worries.  We can "snail mail" a survey annoucement to your employees where they can then hop on a device and complete our survey.

Since you already have an HRMS providing census and other work-related data should be easy. If you have other HR datasets, such as web activity or performance management, no problem, we can easily integrate whatever makes most sense.  All we ask you provide us with a common employee identifier to link the data.

The "real nuggets" reside in external data.   While this is optional it helps "connect the dots."  For example, telemedicine survey responses could be easily linked with ER visit as well as Dr. office visits to help better understand and drive improved utilization.  

If you want to really "knock-it-out-of-the-park" we can also integrate self-reported, consumer data.  Don't worry about sourcing it, we work with several vendors specializing in procuring consumer data.  Note - in this case, we'll need employee name and address to match the data.

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The BIG HR Data team reads like a "who's who" of the consulting world.  Professionals from PwC, Mercer, Willis, Sibson and BenefitFocus (to name a few) comprise our Leadership team.  Each team member is "wide and deep" in at least one subject matter area and brings additional value through their respective technical expertise.

Howard Gerver, President was also the founder of HR Best Practices, a data-driven healthcare cost management firm started in 2001 that specializes in benefits administration, eligibility auditing, medical/Rx claims auditing, and ACA compliance administration.

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